Pin2Talk Home Phone Service For the Gift of Peace and Serenity

After over 30 years in the telecommunications industry on the carrier network side as well as the phone hardware side, I figured it was time to go out and change the world. From Plato’s proverb, “Necessity is literally the Mother of invention”, I invented a simple yet 100% effective solution to forever resolve the scourge of unwanted and unwelcome calls from intruding on our private home landline phones.

Most other solutions use algorithms for best guess telltale signs of a robocall, and others enable you to block the bad number after the initial robocall has gone through, but none of these systems can block a targeted scam where you are the target.

With Pin2Talk’s secret access code, you can electronically block every unwanted caller unless you have already given them your secret PIN in advance. Simply share your phone number and secret PIN code with close friends and family to build an electronic fence around your household.

The experienced Pin2Talk team is here to exceed your expectations and hopefully bring a sense of serenity that we used to have in bygone days now knowing that strangers with bad intentions will be permanently barred from trying to take advantage of us anymore.

Get Pin2Talk and tell scammers and robo-callers to take a walk!